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Queen Bee Silk Pillowcase queenbeesilk


Queen Bee Silk Pillowcase queenbeesilk


What Our Customers Say

Love, Love, LOVE !

"When I started buying silk pillowcases I was under the impression that real quality silk = expensive. I'd spent $150/pillowcase on brand name thinking that meant it was real and would hold up etc. My husband actually found this brand, and made the 1st purchase bc I thought it was some fake blended pillowcase. I was WRONG! When they arrived (fast delivery!) I was super surprised. These are strong, soft, well made and all around completely better than the Slip brand I'd originally bought. He got to gloat and finally say 'I told you so'. The bee embroidery is adorable, and now these are the ONLY silk pillowcases that we use. They do not fade, and hold up wash after wash. I've not had a single one tear, and I've not handwashed these at all. My husband has facial hair, and only uses these also (so spoiled!) they've not piled or fact, I can't tell who's is who's...they're THAT sturdy! The only complaint I have is I'd love a zippered closure instead of the envelope but I'm willing to overlook that. Quality is on point, price is on point...
Buy em'! You deserve it! "

Vanessa - Verified Amazon Purchase Review
Holy c***, instant results!

When they say this keeps the hair hydrated they aren’t kidding! Cool to the touch all night long, beautiful even if they wrinkle a little (it’s for health not perfection), my hair is legit more hydrated and I have course curly hair. My skin is loving this too.

Teslah Suzanne - Verified Amazon Purchase Review
Worth The Money

"Beautiful packaging! Beautiful colors! A smidge pricey but worth it. My face feels fresher and no pillow creases. My hair doesn’t need to be washed but a couple times a week. Definitely recommend."

Lorranda Coffing - Verified Amazon Purchase Review
Follow care instructions

"Wonderful product, very soft and silky. This has improved the comfort of our sleep while also providing a hint of luxury. Highly recommend learning the care instructions as laundering these in the same way you would normal pillow cases will eventually ruin these."

Jason Burger - Verified Amazon Review